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  • TurkeyFest 17: A Good Cause
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    Friday, November 28, 2008
    6 PM (Dinner at 8PM)
    1215 Wood Street #1
    Philadelphia, PA 19107

    Wow, Thanksgiving is next week, and in just 7 days we will gather for the 17th Annual Chichester TurkeyFest Celebration! It really is hard to believe that many of us have known each other long enough to take part in a tradition lasting that long. However, as time passes each year and our lives following sometimes divergent paths, TurkeyFest becomes all the more important. It is the one time that everyone knows we can all go home and spend an evening with old friends and family.

    This year I would like to start a new tradition. While much attention has been placed on the party's theme each year, I would like to shift focus from that element to a new idea. From now on I would like to take our annual gathering as an opportunity to not only give thanks to the bonds we have created with each other, but to do something special for a worthy cause.

    So here is what I propose. This year, I have chosen a great cause and ask each of you to make a contribution of any size to benefit the program. Just like every year, you should bring something tasty to eat, but make sure you save a few dollars to make a contribution. We will pass the hat at dinner time. While I have chosen the charity this year (which I detail below), everyone will have an opportunity to vote on a list of nominated charities to support in the upcoming year. So, if there is a cause out there that you feel strongly about, send me a private email and I will take it into consideration when I create the list of nominations.

    This year, I invite you all to attend TurkeyFest and help me raise money for the Attic Youth Center.

    The Attic Youth Center is Philadelphia's only agency exclusively serving lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) youth, and is one of only 13 of its kind nationally. The center creates opportunities for LGBTQ youth to develop into healthy, independent, civic-minded adults within a safe and supportive community, and promotes the acceptance of LGBTQ youth in society.

    I know that an organization like this could have had a huge impact on my life growing up in Chi, and possibly on some of your lives. It is a wonderful program, and it would mean a lot to me if you all could help me support the program with a financial contribution.

    If you cannot afford to make a monetary contribution, there is another way you can help this awesome organization. Each year in the fall, the center tries to provide winter coats to its young people who need them. So, if you have an old winter coat taking space in your closet...dig it out, throw it in the washer & dryer, and then bring it with you to TurkeyFest. A donation of a winter coat would be a great contribution to the Attic Youth Center.

    Of course, there is no requirement to make a contribution, but even if you can only afford $5, any donation would be helpful. So, like always, bring your entire family, a delicious dish, and this year bring your check book along too. Donations should be made to The Attic Youth Center. You can also make a contribution online at  

    TurkeyFest Live!
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    Thank you!
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    Hey, Everyone!

    My stomach has finally settled enough so that I can sit down and type.

    I'll also be sending out individual messages, but the least I could do at the moment was send the mass "Thank You" to the Chiaddicts.

    You all know me so well. I couldn't have envisioned a better Bachelor Party, down to Grimace wearing pasties and grinding on me for my.... pleasure?

    I was amazed at all of the thought and preparation that went into that night. Rumor had it that Stucco practiced several times, which may or may not be more practicing than we did the previous 13 years or so.

    I loved the show, from the disturbing gyrating Grimace, to Alanna's milk-induced freak out, to Micah's performance of Ryan's reworking of "Celibate's Lament," that was distilled to filter out the profanity, while leaving a great deal of funny and wrong, to Kevin's Atom and his Package treatment of Whack a Mole, to Josh Silverman (yes, THE Josh Silverman!)'s Shatner-esque "Sandy", to Julie's being obscured by the tallest doo-wop trio ever, to Plotsky and Sarah's beautiful rendition of a song about carton violence, to Sparky's "Friends" theme, to Howard and Jeff and Jamie F. just being there....

    I want to thank everyone that showed up, and everyone who performed, and everyone who went to a great deal of trouble to keep me misinformed and befuddled (though, I'm just completely clueless... ), and those who got me drunk.

    Shit-faced, sloppy, can't form sentences drunk.

    It's a night I'll always remember, except for the moments when I blacked out in a puddle of my own sick.

    I love you all! Thanks so much!


    Looking for some friends
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    Hello my chiaddict friends.

    Seems like its been forever since I was on this site. Oh yeah it has been. Some intresting things have happened to me since my last post. Lets see, its been to long to list everything, so I'll just go with what is fresh. After completing my 6 year apprenticeship for the I.B.E.W I immediately involved myself in the politics of the organization. I ran for an officer spot in my local union this past year and won. Not bad for just being finished school.

    Part of my responsibilities are to involve myself in the local politics of the area in which I live, which I have. I am a commitee person for the Democratic Party of Delaware county. More specificly southwest delaware county. The committee I serve on represents Marcus Hook, Linwood, Trainer, Parkside, and Upland. I have tried to help out where I can in the past year doing poll duty etc. I would however like to do more. As everybody knows a big election is coming up in 08, and I would like to see a high turnout for people who vote with the democratic party. So basically I am looking for people who might be intrested in helping out who are from the area. For the most part, persons would be handing out campaign literature or working at polling places during the upcoming elections. Possible helping out with fundraisers or other committee functions. So if anyone reading this is intrested give me a buzz or if you should happen to know anyone living in my area who might be intrested in helping out let them know about the commitee and have them get in touch with me.

    Ok i blabbered on enough Happy Holidays to you and hope to hear from you soon.  

    micahs wedding jeff style
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    Princess Grace
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    "Don't be mad," Jess pleaded the second I picked up the phone. "I had to bring one home with me."

    I wasn't upset, though selecting a pet was an activity I assumed we were going to do together. When I returned from work that night, I knew within minutes that she had made the right decision.

    "I think we should call her Gracie," Jess said. "Because she's gray, see?"

    Truth be told, I hated the name at first. "Nova" was the name on her SPCA adoption papers. Why couldn't we just keep the same name? Or call her Luna?

    It soon became apparent that Jess had chosen the right name for the right pet. The first night we had her, I reclined on the couch. She climbed up, onto my stomach, her little front paws kneading my chest. She stayed that way until her eyes closed, her purrs intermittently broken by snores, like a motorcycle running on fumes. Gracie. Princess Grace. My little princess.

     read more (799 words)

    Shadow Government
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    Check out this rad TMBG video... 


    something borrowed, something blue
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    Hey, Everyone!

    Much has happened in the year and a half that I've apparently stopped writing.

    Last blog was in December '05? Craziness.

    I'm kidding about the "much has happened" part. I'm still at the same job, in the same band, and still frequenting Wendy's. But, there are a few huge things to announce, though most of you know already.
     read more (983 words)

    Editorial: What Exactly IS Privacy?!?!?
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    It wasn't too long ago that the Republican party received some heat about the Patriot Act and the privacy issues it offends and violates.  I mean, after all, terrorists have rights too, since that's who was being monitored.  And it didn't go away very easily either.  The Republicans (yes, the party hell bent on securing our freedoms and rights regardless of cost to terrorists) took their lumps and walked away from the issue with their tails between their legs...... but with dignity.  Is that possible?  Of course it is, because a little lash back from a party hell bent on hypocricy does little to tarnish one's reputation.

    ....Which brings me to my next point.  Exactly what DO the Democan'ts describe as "freedom" and "privacy"?  Because the issue has become all too cloudy on this very day;  Today I read an article on the Democan'ts and their mission to violate the privacy of millions of gun owners (yes, the same gun owners whose rights are protected by the second amendment of the Constitution).  And get this....  It's because they want to track down a "small number of gun trafficers" who filter guns through the system and into our cities.

    So let me get this straight, the Democan'ts are saying it's okay to violate the privacy of millions of citizens for the sake of catching A SMALL NUMBER of gun trafficers?  So whose side ARE they on?  Their OWN side?  All I know is that I hope everyone in here who decided to support an impeachment of Mr. Bush jumps right on top of this, since you all feel exactly the same way about this issue.  We should have these congressmen and congresswomen who are violating our rights removed from office.  If you don't feel the same, then, well, I guess you're just a hypocrite.

    Not to be paranoid, plus I don't have a tin foil hat since I'm not registered democan't, but I think Big Brother is still watching and at least I have the Republican party to back up my freedom and privacy.  And I know I keep coming back to this, but if the democrats continue to violate our freedoms, which freedoms and choices wil be taken away from us next?  So somebody out their, PLEASE tell me the definitionof PRIVACY and how it applies differently from one party to the next, because the actions of the DemoCAN'TS on this issue just doesn't make any f-ing sense.


    Your Local Republican's Official Endorsement for 2008
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    RUDY 2008

    Feel free to discuss how a number of democrats will be voting the same way.  I'll be interjecting from time to time.... when I have more time......


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